marți, 25 ianuarie 2011

Stări de Spirit (17)

Mon amour, Mona Mur... sau cum vreţi voi. Ideea e că bucata e superbă. Da. e posibil să n-o înţeleagă chiar toată lumea, dar, pentru ăia puţini care apreciază aceleaşi lucruri ca şi mine, Mona Mur!

Men made God to rule the world and all its creatures
Under their mighty glance He blew nature and replaced it
With Art
Déco and Laissez-Faire les hommes
He invented a lot of things
For instance: ...women
for His daily rib-eye steak, bien cuit
Then God sussed out that He was a man himself
Now in seedy dressing-rooms he's every rotten body's darling
On behalf of the Financial Times
o smiling damned villain
o smiling damned villain
oh! In your bed he's practicing the salvation of America
He's practicing the salvation of America
And afterwards he's washing his hands in nonsense

oh! He's not man enough to take me
oh! He's not wild enough to love me as I need it
oh! He's not dead enough to please me like Egypt
He's the man on the satellite
Far from earth and untouchable, God knows
He's the man on the satellite
Shoot him down, if you can, baby
Shoot him down, if you can, slit
Shoot him down, that challenger

Centurywise these gentle giants
Use young lovely history as their girl next door
Servants of art science redwhiteblackchineseblooddeathsexrocks
rockets bulls balls van gogh landscapes
peu à peu they run out of colours peu à peu they run out of colours

oh! He's not mad enough to paint my hall of hatred
oh! He's not God enough to teach me as the jews teach their sons-in-law
oh! He's gone to the
Home of the Brave
Oh Lord - have mercy never make him my slave

Let him live on his satellite
Won't you do him any harm tonight/bless you
Won't you go on sacrificing all the charms of yours
Oh Lord I don't believe in you
Let me live on my satellite
I'll shoot you everywhere I can, baby,
everywhere I can


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  1. Alexandra,
    Daa! Este! Sunt constienta ca nu multi gusta asa ceva, in afara de tine, mai existand o singura persoana, dar, asta nu ma sperie! :P Cu cat mai putina turma, cu atat mai bine! :D


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